BCH 512: DEVELOPMENTAL GENOMICS -Week 7 - Oct. 11 & 13

Instructor:  Marc Halfon

E-mail: mshalfon@buffalo.edu

Topic: Dorsal-Ventral development concluded; Pattern Formation summary


On Tuesday we'll conclude of discussion of dorsal-ventral development. On Thursday we'll review what we've learned about pattern formation and put some this knowledge together to gain insight into how an animal is constructed. We'll conclude with a special musical summation.



Assigned reading:


You can download the Figures/Tables template here.


Tuesday: Andreu et al. 2012. Yes, even in 2012 there were more details to be discovered...

also read Stein and Stevens 2014. Due Thursday--I'm assigning it now because it's on the long side. Read this review article thoroughly, but you do not need to fill out the Figure Facts template. We won't discuss this as much but it will fill in the gaps from what we didn't read as primary research papers.


supplemental figure 1

supplemental figure 2


Thursday: Finish discussion of papers, wrap-up of fly development ("how to build a completely patterned organism"), musical finale.


Recommended reading:



Carroll, S. B., Grenier, J. K., and Weatherbee, S. D. (2005). From DNA to Diversity. Molecular Genetics and the Evolution of Animal Design, 2nd edn (Malden, MA, Blackwell Publishing).

A great little book on Development and Evolution of Development


Slides and lecture notes: will be posted here following class. Some additional notes on D-V patterning can be found here.


Web resources: