BCH 512: DEVELOPMENTAL GENOMICS - Week 5 - Sept. 29 & 30 **note change in class schedule (no class Tuesday, class on Friday)

Instructor:  Marc Halfon

E-mail: mshalfon@buffalo.edu

Topic: Dorsal-Ventral Polarity


This week we'll start on our literature-based exploration of the mechanisms of dorsal-ventral patterning in Drosophila.


We're going to use a learning aid call "Figure Facts" to help with reading/understanding the papers (see paper by Round and Campbell). For each paper, you will fill out the Figure Facts template as you read the paper. This does not need to be done in depth--a simple sentence or two is sufficient (see example)--but it needs to be done. Templates should be submitted by 9 am on the day of class (you can email it or drop off a hard copy). Completion of the template will count toward your class participation grade.



Assigned reading:


You can download the Figures/Tables template here.



Thursday: Anderson et al. 1985

Friday: Roth et al. 1989


Recommended reading:


Wolpert and Tickle, "Principles of Development," Chapter 2.

A brief, but very clear and up-to-date treatment of pattern formation in Drosophila.


Gilbert, "Developmental Biology," Chapter 9.

A more in-depth treatment than that found in Wolpert; more detail than we'll cover in class, but worth the read.