The Golden Spike: Downloads

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  • Download the Choe et al. publication from Genome Biology.

  • Download the raw *.CEL files described in the publication. This file is about 20 Mb in size.

  • Download the DAT files for the Golden Spike microarrays. This file is a 184 MB zipped tar archive.

  • Download the 10 best expression summary datasets depicted in Figure 7F of the manuscript. These are R data files (use the "load" command to import them).

  • Assignment of probe sets to clones and fold change values.

  1. R data file, containing a vector called "mapping.unique" with names = probe set names and values = fold changes, with "-1" depicting probe sets whose target RNAs were not spiked in ("empty"), and "-2" marking "mixed" probe sets.

  2. Probe set-to-clone mappings, in tab-delimited text and Excel file formats.

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