The Ag Spike: Downloads

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  • The AgSpike manuscript, Bioinformatics (2011) 27(9):1284-1289

  • Download the raw microarray data (168 MB compressed tar file)

  • Download the M-values and A-values corresponding to all routes analyzed

  • Download the assignment of probe sets to clones and fold change values. These files can also be found as Supplementary Data files 2 and 3 associated with our manuscript.

  • Description: Label “cDNA” in the third column of the file means the full length cDNA sequence of the assigned clone is available. Label “BLAST” means the sequence of the assigned clone is inferred from the BLAST results. For a given clone having multiple potential sequences, if no less than 90% of its potential sequences can be assigned to the same probe, this mapping is labeled as “mBLAST”, otherwise labeled as “mBLASTNS”.

    Description: The fold change values are based on the abundance in condition A versus in condition B. Empty probes were assigned with value zero. “MC” means the corresponding probe is assigned to multiple clones. “MF” means the clone assigned to the particular probe is present in multiple pools and therefore has multiple fold change values. “NS” means the probe is uniquely assigned to a clone with multiple potential sequences and less than 90% of these sequences were mapped to the probe sequence with at least 40% identity.

  • Download a compressed tar archive of the R scripts used in the Ag Spike study.
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